Disabling SSLv2 and SSLv3 protocols on Cherokee

In this articles, I will give you the procedure to disable the support for SSLv2 and SSLv3 protocols .

These protocols enters data encryption with security certificates . The concern is that these protocols have security flaws that can retrieve data normally protect !

Update Cherokee :

First of all, I suggest you update your version of Cherokee. For the options that we will use this as its not in the latest updates on this project GIT .

To update , I removals to present documentation on the Cherokee GIT.

Disabling protocols :

Once web services revived in the latest version of Cherokee , start the administration interface . Go to the section , "'Advanced"' and then in the "' TLS"' tab. Let check that the following protocols "' TLS 1.0 "', "' TLS 1.1 "' and "' TLS 1.2 "', then save and request for a reboot "'HARD "' .


Check :

Logically protocols that can create security vulnerabilities are now disabled, but the best is to make a move in this website.

Qualys SSL Test

It is necessary that in the protocols you have realistic part the same as in the screen printing.


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